Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapters 13 & 14 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. What does it mean that Jemmy is a "thoroughbred of the streets"? How does this help him when he is running away?
2. What does Jemmy "gaw" at on page 41? When does Jemmy say "gaw"? What is this type of expression called?
3. Does Jemmy want Prince Brat to run away with him? Why or why not? Do you think it's a good idea for them to run away together or separately?
4. Who is Petunia? What is ironic about Petunia's name? What is special about Petunia? Why is it a problem that Petunia is lost?
5. What does 'resentment' mean? On what page can it be found? What statement was said with resentment? Why?
6. The prince claims that running away is the best fun he has ever had. Do you think he will ever go back to the palace? Do you think he should go back? Why or why not?

Chapters 11 & 12 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. Why is Jemmy so annoyed with Prince Brat? What doesn't Prince Brat understand?
2. The literal meaning of 'angling' is "the sport of fishing with a rod and line". Why does Cutwater think Jemmy is "angling for a share of the reward"? (pg. 34) What does angling mean in Cutwater's sentence?
3. Why doesn't the Prince want to return to the castle? Do you agree with him or do you side with Jemmy?
4. How does Jemmy suggest the crooks get back to the castle? Do you think it will work? Will Billy and Cutwater agree?
5. What does 'dunce' mean? Why does the Prince call Jemmy both clever and a dunce?
6. Does Prince Brat protect Jemmy's secret hiding spot or share it with the criminals? How do you think Jemmy is going to react?

Chapters 9 & 10 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. What do the two criminals eat? Does the Prince like it or dislike it? What parts of the meal seem odd or gross?
2. What are 'varmints'? Where is Jemmy looking for varmints?
3. Who do the criminals threaten to whip for talking back? Why do they figure this isn't against the law?
4. What do the criminals make Jemmy do to prove that he wrote the correct letter to the king? How does Jemmy suggest they get the letter to the castle?
5. What does 'treason' mean? Why is Jemmy worried that he will be charged with treason?
6. What does the "whipping boy" (Prince Brat) need to bring with him to prove that the criminals are holding the prince hostage? Why?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chapters 7 & 8 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. What do Billy and Cutwater gather to write the note?
2. Why can't the prince write? Why is that surprising to Billy and Cutwater?
3. What does 'flummox' mean? On what page can it be found? Who is flummoxed?
4. Who does Jemmy pretend to be? Why does it work?
5. What does 'sullenly' mean? On what page can it be found? Who feels sullen? Why?
6. What does Jemmy suggest to the outlaws to change their bribe to? Why do you think he does this?

Chapters 5 & 6 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. What does 'ruffian' mean? On what page can it be found? Who does the prince call a ruffian?
2. Why does cutwater say, "And I'm the Grand Turnip of China"?
3. What does 'obliged' mean? On what page can it be found? Who says he's be obliged? What for?
4. How did Hold-Your-Nose Billy get his name?
5. What makes Jemmy think that the Prince ran away in-style?
6. What do the men want to trade the Prince for?

Chapters 3 & 4 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. What does 'mischief' mean? On what page can it be found? Who was creating mischief?
2. What is one thing the prince found boring?
3. What does Jemmy mean when he says, "I'll be hung from the gallows"?
4. Where does Jemmy think about hiding? Why?
5. What does 'insolent' mean? On what page can it be found? Who is the prince calling insolent?
6. What do you think a cutthroat is? Any predictions about the next couple of chapters?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Chapter 2 Questions - due MONDAY

1. What could Jemmy count on first thing in the morning?
2. Why did the prince insiste he didn't need to pay attention to his lessons?
3. Who was Master Peckwit?
4. What are "spectacles"?  What page is that on?
5. What does "contrary" mean?  How is it used?  What page?
6. What are several other books this author has written?

Chapter 1 Questions

1. What was the prince's nickname?  Why was he called that?
2. Why was the prince unhappy with the Whipping Boy?
3. What page was the word "contrite" on?  What does it mean?  Who was it describing?
4. What does the word "exasperation" mean?  What page was it on? 
5.  How can you tell the prince and the whipping boy speak differently?  What is an example?
6.  Do you think this is a fair situation?  Why or why not?

Pre-reading questions

1. This book is set in Mediaval Times.  What is something you think of with that time period?

2. The title, The Whipping Boy refers to the job of one boy.  Why do you think that boy had that job?  What do you think that job was?

3. This story tells about two boys who start off enemies, but later come to like each other.  Tell me a time when that has happened to you!