Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapters 11 & 12 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. Why is Jemmy so annoyed with Prince Brat? What doesn't Prince Brat understand?
2. The literal meaning of 'angling' is "the sport of fishing with a rod and line". Why does Cutwater think Jemmy is "angling for a share of the reward"? (pg. 34) What does angling mean in Cutwater's sentence?
3. Why doesn't the Prince want to return to the castle? Do you agree with him or do you side with Jemmy?
4. How does Jemmy suggest the crooks get back to the castle? Do you think it will work? Will Billy and Cutwater agree?
5. What does 'dunce' mean? Why does the Prince call Jemmy both clever and a dunce?
6. Does Prince Brat protect Jemmy's secret hiding spot or share it with the criminals? How do you think Jemmy is going to react?


  1. 5~Dunce means an unintelligent person.Prince calls Jemmy dunce but clever because he was trying to find a way to escape.~Piper

  2. 1~ yes,jemmy is mad with prince brat because he doesn't know that jemmy is trying to set prince brat free

  3. 2.I think its a phrase really need it?~Kiernan

  4. 6~yes he tell the criminals.Jemmy is going to get very mad~Ryan

  5. 1. He's annoyed because jimmy tried to set prince brat free

  6. 3. Because he'll have to stay at there . i side with jemmy. ~ Rosealy