Monday, December 9, 2013

Chapters 13 & 14 (Due Friday 12.13.13)

1. What does it mean that Jemmy is a "thoroughbred of the streets"? How does this help him when he is running away?
2. What does Jemmy "gaw" at on page 41? When does Jemmy say "gaw"? What is this type of expression called?
3. Does Jemmy want Prince Brat to run away with him? Why or why not? Do you think it's a good idea for them to run away together or separately?
4. Who is Petunia? What is ironic about Petunia's name? What is special about Petunia? Why is it a problem that Petunia is lost?
5. What does 'resentment' mean? On what page can it be found? What statement was said with resentment? Why?
6. The prince claims that running away is the best fun he has ever had. Do you think he will ever go back to the palace? Do you think he should go back? Why or why not?


  1. 2~jemmy says "gaw" at the leafs because they crunch when he steps on them. i think his expression is frustrated~max

  2. 6.I think he won't because He might get caught going back to the palace and if he get caught he will probably get whipped ~Kiernan

  3. 5~resentment means bitter.Page 49."I might as well be stuffed and hung on the wall like a stag's head".He is feeling bitter.~Ryan

  4. 3. No because he slow him down .~ Rosealy

  5. 2~ Jemmy says ''Gaw'' because he is making lots of noise due to stepping on leaves. Jemmy says ''Gaw'' when he is frustrated. I think Jemmy's tone of voice is frustrated but wry.~Piper

  6. 1. It's like he is a piece of bread and geese are chasing him across the street~dejuan