Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chapters 3 & 4 (Due Friday 12.6.13)

1. What does 'mischief' mean? On what page can it be found? Who was creating mischief?
2. What is one thing the prince found boring?
3. What does Jemmy mean when he says, "I'll be hung from the gallows"?
4. Where does Jemmy think about hiding? Why?
5. What does 'insolent' mean? On what page can it be found? Who is the prince calling insolent?
6. What do you think a cutthroat is? Any predictions about the next couple of chapters?


  1. 6. cut throat means loud screeching noise -max

  2. 2.prince brat thinks that hog-greased saddles are boring.Ryan

  3. prince Bart think dumping bullfrogs in the moat was boring. rosealy

  4. 1~ Mischief means troublemaking and it can be found on page 7. Prince was creating the mischief.~Piper

  5. 5.It means showing a rude lack of respect. It can be found on page 11. ~Kiernan

  6. 6 cut throat means like a warning about some one is going to die. Dejuan