Monday, November 25, 2013

Chapter 1 Questions

1. What was the prince's nickname?  Why was he called that?
2. Why was the prince unhappy with the Whipping Boy?
3. What page was the word "contrite" on?  What does it mean?  Who was it describing?
4. What does the word "exasperation" mean?  What page was it on? 
5.  How can you tell the prince and the whipping boy speak differently?  What is an example?
6.  Do you think this is a fair situation?  Why or why not?


  1. 1~ His nickname is Prince Brat,because he tied peoples wigs to there chairs.~Piper

  2. 2 because he didn't yell or cry. Rosealy

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  4. 5. prince brat and the whipping boy speak differently because the whipping boy was picked up from the streets. my example is the whipping boy said "ill take me raggs and be on my way in a half-blink of an eye -max

  5. 1 prince brat because he is a bad boy. ryan

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  7. Well a prince would talk in a fancy accent.And the whipping boy would have kind of a deep voice.