Monday, November 25, 2013

Chapter 2 Questions - due MONDAY

1. What could Jemmy count on first thing in the morning?
2. Why did the prince insiste he didn't need to pay attention to his lessons?
3. Who was Master Peckwit?
4. What are "spectacles"?  What page is that on?
5. What does "contrary" mean?  How is it used?  What page?
6. What are several other books this author has written?

Chapter 1 Questions

1. What was the prince's nickname?  Why was he called that?
2. Why was the prince unhappy with the Whipping Boy?
3. What page was the word "contrite" on?  What does it mean?  Who was it describing?
4. What does the word "exasperation" mean?  What page was it on? 
5.  How can you tell the prince and the whipping boy speak differently?  What is an example?
6.  Do you think this is a fair situation?  Why or why not?

Pre-reading questions

1. This book is set in Mediaval Times.  What is something you think of with that time period?

2. The title, The Whipping Boy refers to the job of one boy.  Why do you think that boy had that job?  What do you think that job was?

3. This story tells about two boys who start off enemies, but later come to like each other.  Tell me a time when that has happened to you!